Set Quà Tết An Lành - An Lành Tết Gift Set

Set Quà Tết An Lành - An Lành Tết Gift Set


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Set Quà Tết An Lành - An Lành Tết Gift Set

According to custom, the Lunar New Year, also known as the Traditional New Year, is the New Year's celebration in Asian countries. This is an opportunity for everyone to bond and share love with family, relatives, friends, colleagues,...

A gift set is a meaningful gift that connects people to each other. With the hope of a healthy, prosperous, and auspicious new year, Legumes would like to introduce a gift of health with 04 Hamper gift sets with the true meaning of the traditional "Tet Market" along with fine teas, fruits and vegetables. Dried seeds, cashews, chestnuts, imported jams... Tet gifts not only replace the opening words of the story for everyone to gather together, but also bring health values ​​to everyone

Hamper set An Lành includes:

Pumpkin Seed

Dried Mango


Red Jujube

Dried Golden Raisin

WaterMelon Seed

Sunflower seed


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