Vegan Crispy Chocolate Granola

Vegan Crispy Chocolate Granola


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Ingredient: Oat, Pumpkin, Banana, Almond.


( No Sugar, No Preservatives, Vegan )
Overindulging will leave you feeling sluggish and likely with a few extra pounds, but if you know how to eat smartly, you can still eat enjoyably. Change your taste for a rainy day with new recipe from Légumes - Crispy Chocolate Granola
With this version, the crunchy, aromatic flavor of chocolate-covered oats, mixed with crunchy dried bananas, almonds and pumpkin seeds make for a fun mix. They really stimulate the taste buds.
Granola is an indispensable product for everyone, especially those who are in the process of dieting, losing weight,...This product is rich in fiber, protein and body minerals. Especially no sugar or preservatives added.
Granola is the ultimate solution for busy people. With only 5 minutes combined with yogurt, milk or fruit. So you have a healthy breakfast that is still full of nutrients.
Ingredient: Oat, Pumpkin, Banana, Almond.

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