Homemade Cashew Chocolate

Homemade Cashew Chocolate


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Ingredients: Cashew, Chocolate

This is an ideal combination of crunchy nuts with velvety chocolate, which just melts in your mouth and improves the mood like nothing else. are 100% natural. Moreover, thanks to the properties of nuts they contain, they positively affect the body, mind and mood.

Cashew nuts contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which strengthen the body. When covered in raw chocolate, they are perfect as a sweet dessert or a treat for guests.

Chocolate is exceptionally delicious and healthy! But most importantly, its velvety texture makes pleasure endless.

Chocolates are perfect for bigger children and adults, and thanks to their stylish packaging they are a nice gift that will always be welcome.

They are ideal as a daily snack. Since they are made of few natural ingredients, they are a healthy alternative to ordinary sweets.

They do not contain flavour enhancers or artificial colourings.

Use directly. Keep in fridge.

Ingredients: Cashew, Chocolate

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